pacman.model.constraints.placer_constraints package

Module contents

class pacman.model.constraints.placer_constraints.AbstractPlacerConstraint

Bases: pacman.model.constraints.AbstractConstraint

A constraint on placement

class pacman.model.constraints.placer_constraints.ChipAndCoreConstraint(x, y, p=None)

Bases: pacman.model.constraints.placer_constraints.AbstractPlacerConstraint

A constraint to place a vertex on a specific chip and, optionally, a specific core on that chip.

  • x (int) – the x-coordinate of the chip
  • y (int) – the y-coordinate of the chip
  • p (int or None) – the processor (if any) of the chip
The location as a dictionary with three keys: “x”, “y
and “p
Return type:dict(str, int)

The processor on the chip, or None if that is not constrained

Return type:int or None

The x-coordinate of the chip

Return type:int

The y-coordinate of the chip

Return type:int