pacman.model.partitioner_interfaces package

Module contents

Legacy interfaces that vertices may implement to support splitters that work using the old model of partitioning.

class pacman.model.partitioner_interfaces.LegacyPartitionerAPI

Bases: object

API used by the vertices which don’t have their own splitters but use what master did before the self partitioning stuff came to be.


Subclasses of this class must also be subclasses of ApplicationVertex. This is not enforced because of issues with import order, but is required; PACMAN assumes it to be true.

static abstract_methods()[source]

Exposes the abstract methods and properties defined in this class.

:rtype frozenset(str)

create_machine_vertex(vertex_slice, sdram, label=None)[source]

Create a machine vertex from this application vertex.

  • vertex_slice (Slice) – The slice of atoms that the machine vertex will cover.
  • sdram (AbstractSDRAM) – The SDRAM used by the machine vertex.
  • label (str or None) – human readable label for the machine vertex

The created machine vertex

Return type:



Get the separate SDRAM requirements for a range of atoms.

Parameters:vertex_slice (Slice) – the low value of atoms to calculate resources from
Return type:AbstractSDRAM